How It Works

On this page, we are going to go over how to submit your ad, what are add-ons, and their benefits. Just a quick overview of the advertising board.


Submitting Your Ad

The first thing you want to do is enter your ad details in the small ad form located on the home page.

  1.  Add your link and double-check to make sure it’s entered properly. People tend to add their full link over the HTTP:// that is already there. e.g. BAD http://https://google.comGOOD
  2.  Enter your ad title(50 characters max) and description(175 characters max). We cut off all extra characters so make sure you don’t go over these numbers. A well-put-together ad will perform better without a doubt. If you select the featured in emails add-on, this is the text that will show inside emails. (text will be linked to your website)
  3.  Enter your best name and email. It’s important, this is where we send your login info so you can access your member area to either edit/upgrade your ad or access your referral link. Yes, you can change your ad anytime you want.
  4.  Select your add-ons (more details about each add-on below)
  5.  Scroll all the way to the bottom, enter the security code and click “submit ad”. Like on the image below.

“Take time to review some of our advertiser’s website! You might find something interesting”



Add-Ons (refer to 1st image above)

*Add-ons are optional but they can increase your ad performance.

  • Add Color: All ads have a white background by default but you can make your ad stand out by selecting one of our 12 eye-catching colors available.
  • Add Emojis: You have hundreds of cool emojis that you can add to your title and description. These will definitely draw more attention to your ad.
  • Larger Ad: Make your ad bigger, increase in font size for the title and the description as well.
  • Featured In Emails: Your ad will get seen inside our welcome emails by everyone who submits their ad after you. That’s 250 people minimum if you do not own any ad bump. If you select this add-on we recommend you buy or earn some ad bump to increase the number of times your ad is actually shown inside emails. Your ad will show inside emails for as long as your ad is active.
  • Ad Bump: Keep your ad active. Your ad is reposted back to the top automatically for every ad bump. You got 3 ad bumps, your ad goes back to the top 3 times. The more you have the more views and clicks you receive. Pretty simple.
  • Add Image: Image size should not be greater than 435 Width X 200 Height – Image should not be greater than 250KB – Image must be JPG and PNG only. Click here to resize any image.


Submit Your Ad