Frequently Asked Questions

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1- Is Post-Free-Ads-Online 100% Free?

YES. You can submit your ad 100% free. We do provide add-ons for your ad. They are available but optional. 

2- Where Will My Ad Be Showing?

Your ad is literally shown everywhere across the internet. Popular social networks, forums, blogs, and thousands of high-traffic websites. Real views and real visitors to your ad. Guaranteed! Check the stats on the ad board.

3- Can I Make Money With Post-Free-Ads-Online?

NO. Post-Free-Ads-Online is not an income program and has no affiliate program. We are strictly a free advertising board. We do offer a referral program where you can invite your friends to post their own ads and earn free ad bumps. Get 3 ad bumps per referral. (worth $6.00)

4- What Are Ad Bump?

We have a maximum of 250 ads showing on the ad board at all times. Ad bumps are used to repost your ad back to the top of the board. It’s all done automatically when you own ad bump. These are valuable because they will keep your ad on the ad board for a longer period of time.

5- Where Can I Find My Referral Link?

Log in to Post-Free-Ads-Online. Look for the referral link tab.

6- Where Can I Find My Log-In Details?

We sent you an email from “” with your log-in details when you first posted your ad. If you can’t find the email click here to request your login information.


Add-Ons Prices

Add An Image To The Ad: $2.25